Devon and Cornwall 4x4 Response

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Requesting our assistance

We cannot respond to calls direct from the public.
In an emergency the public should dial 999.
For non-emergency the public should dial 101.

Devon and Cornwall 4x4 Response is a volunteer group, using 4x4 vehicles to assist the wider community in times of need.

We offer assistance as required by our user services, principally category 1 and category 2 responders, such as Police, Ambulance, Doctors and Local Authorities via the Local Resilience Forums set up by the Civil Contingencies Act (2004). This is often in extraordinary circumstances or extremes of weather, such as heavy snow or flooding.

We typically perform a variety of roles, including the relocation of people or equipment, access to areas that could not be reached by 'normal' vehicles, or recovery of stranded people or critical equipment. We principally deal with key strategic objectives of category 1 responders, enabling them to still be able to operate in the harshest conditions where they would otherwise not be able to function. An example of this during snow in 2010 when we were cited as the key factor in keeping a regional Police control centre functional, by enabling Police control to continue to conduct emergency operations and giving them the freedom of movement they needed in order to be able to continue to function as a unit.

We also work extensively with local charities at their events, offering logistics support and advice wherever possible and engaging with the people in our local communities to raise the awareness of our group, what we do and ensure we have good relationships with those we volunteer our time for.

We make no charge for our time. However, depending upon the nature of the assistance and the distances involved we normally request a reimbursement of mileage and other reasonably incurred expenses. We also require you to provide all necessary public/employers liability insurance. We would also ask that consideration be given to donating to our general operating costs.

If you would like our assistance in the future, please email us and see if we can be of assistance

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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