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Weather Forecast

Will Hand's Forecast for Dartmoor

Forecast for Saturday 13th January to Saturday 20th January issued on Friday morning 12th January.

After some rain this weekend confidence is very high for a cold Atlantic flow to become established next week as a powerful jetstream pulls in some very cold air off Eastern Canada. During the week an almost constant stream of sleet and snow showers will move across Dartmoor in strong winds giving accumulations of snow high up. Occasional milder interludes are possible but confidence in daily detail is rather low.

Saturday will be cloudy with spells of rain and light S or SE winds. Visibility will be moderate or poor with temperatures 3 to 6C. The rain should die out overnight into Sunday but it may then turn foggy with little wind.

Sunday should be a dry day with light S or SE winds and sunny intervals after the clearance of early morning fog and mist. Moderate or good visibility with temperatures 4 to 7C. Wind freshening from the south overnight into Monday.

Monday morning will be wet with spells of heavy rain and fresh or strong S or SSW winds. During the afternoon rain will ease and winds will veer WNW still fresh or strong and temperatures will begin to fall. Temperatures around 7C in the morning falling to 4C by evening. Visibility poor in rain improving moderate or good in the afternoon. Showers overnight into Tuesday with sleet and snow above 300 metres. So icy with patchy snow by Tuesday morning.

Tuesday will be a very cold day with frequent sleet and snow showers. Blowing powder snow with low-level drifting above 500 metres. Accumulations of snow likely above 300 metres. Lower down a bit more sleety. Some sunny intervals but a fresh or strong WNW wind with significant wind chill above 500 metres. Temperatures 1 to 4C depending on altitude. Sleet and Snow showers continue overnight into Wednesday with a risk of drifting in strong winds.

Wednesday will stay cold with further sleet and snow showers in the morning with sunny intervals. However, during the afternoon a longer spells of rain, sleet and snow will set in. rain most likely below 400 metres before turning cold and icy by Thursday morning. Temperatures 1 to 4C but perhaps up to 6C for a few hours later on Wednesday. Winds staying fresh or strong from a westerly direction. Poor visibility in rain and snow otherwise good.

Thursday will be a bright day with sunny intervals and snow showers in fresh or strong NW winds. Snow accumulating high up again, especially on western and northern moors. Good visibility out of snow. Temperatures -1C to +3C depending on altitude.

Friday and Saturday will stay very cold but winds will ease down becoming NNW light or moderate by Saturday. Sunny spells and snow showers but less frequent than earlier in the week. Very cold over laying snow with a real risk of ice. Temperatures -2C to +2C depending on altitude.

The outlook for the rest of January into February is for changeable conditions and on the cold side with more spells of rain and snow.

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Will Hand

Chief Forecaster Haytor


Taken (with permission) from Will Hand's Weekly Forecast

Will is a senior Met Office Employee based on Dartmoor.






Humidity: 67%

Wind: 12.87 km/h

  • 23 Mar 2016

    Mostly Cloudy 11°C 4°C

  • 24 Mar 2016

    Rain 11°C 5°C

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