Devon and Cornwall 4x4 Response

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Welcome to the Forum of Devon and Cornwall 4x4 Response.

You will need to register to use the forum.

Full forum access is only available to members of Devon and Cornwall 4x4 Response

For security reasons all new registrations will be restricted to validation status whilst group membership is confirmed

When validation is completed forum members will have Guest status until DC number is issued

Guests will only be able to post in the introduce yourself section and reply to topics in general chat

Please ensure that your username includes your DC ops number, new members email me when issued to you and I will add it to your username
Username is to be in agreed format: Name DC##

Please do not use other numbers in your username 

Please create one user account only, duplicate accounts will be deleted

If you forget your username or password, email me and I will reset as required

Ensure all posts are kept clean, without racist, sexist or other offensive content

The Forum has administrators who will remove any post if necessary

This is a resource for sharing knowledge and communication

We are volunteers but should still act professionally

Failure to follow the guidelines may result in a request to reregister or removal of posts or Forum membership
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