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Driver Assessments

Driving Assessments.   The test is a very controlled and friendly undertaking. You have to drive under the direction of an Assessor for about 45 minutes and then, when parked up at the end, identify some road signs shown on cards.


On the subject of Assessments again, please be aware that you, the prospective candidate, need to contact your nearest ADI [Approved Driving Instructor], or other ADI as listed below of your choice, to arrange for an assessment. The onus is on you to make contact and get yourself to the agreed venue.


The Group Assessors are:-

 Ian Nelson who is based in Torquay

 Ron McBride who is based in Tiverton and works in Plymouth

Jason Clarke who is based in Plymouth

Barry Nevill who is based in  Devoran, near Truro



Of the few people that have been in touch after taking an Assessment all have regarded it as a positive experience. So there is no need to be fearful of the process. It has proved to be painless [so far] so do go on and book your appointment with destiny and an ADI now!

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