Devon and Cornwall 4x4 Response

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About Us

Devon and Cornwall 4x4 Response is a group of unpaid volunteer 4x4 drivers who are willing to put their specialist vehicles and skills at the disposal of the Emergency Services and other public bodies, for emergency logistical support. We are available to transport emergency staff or supplies in severe weather or other emergencies working closely with Police, Fire, Ambulance etc and Health and Social Services. 

We are also very active in a support role for other Local Charities, providing logistical support, marshals etc.

Through Liaison activity we are known to, and regularly talk to, The Salvation Army, both Devon and Cornwall County Councils through their Emergency Planning Officers and also their Adult and Community Services, various NHS Trusts locally, District Councils, the Red Cross, Search and Rescue Groups locally, PenMaCRA and others.

The Group was awarded by the Devon and Cornwall Police Authority a Devon Basic Command Unit Partner or Community Member of the Year Award in 2011.

Please see links for information about our most recent activities, latest Newsletter, our BCU Award and the locations of our regional monthly meetings and more.

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